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Simple Tips to Appraise the Sterling Silver Jewelry

As per the provisions of federal law, the sterling silver jewelry needs to be made from an alloy consisting of least 92.5% pure silver. The remaining 7.2 % of the alloy can compose any type of metal. Normally, the jewelry manufacturers made these jewelries by combining platinum or copper with the pure silver. The high percentage of pure silver is also responsible for providing sterling silver jewelry with the impressive and attractive shine. Also, these jewelries are priced high because of the alloy composing of 92.5% pure silver. However, many people love to appraise the jewelries to buy the best quality items on their predetermined budget.

1. Clean the Jewelry: When you decide to appraise the sterling silver jewelry, you have to start by cleaning the piece thoroughly. Use a soft cloth and clean the jewelry by buffing out the tarnish. You also have to ensure that fingerprints and similar temporary markings are completely wiped off during the cleaning process. If the tarnish is heavy, you have to consider using some specially designed chemicals available in the market as tarnish dip. Many people use silver polish to clean the sterling silver jewelry, but the polish is not strong and effective enough to properly clean the grooves and crevices developed in the jewelry piece.

2. Inspect the Piece Using a Magnifying Glass: Most of the sterling silver jewelry is launched by the manufacturer with quality marks. You can use a magnifying glass and inspect the piece thoroughly to identify the quality marks. Most of the jewelries made of sterling silver normally carried two quality marks. One of these marks will highlight the name, brand or logo of the sterling silver jewelry manufacturer, whereas the second mark will mention sterling, st er., 925 or .925. If the jewelry piece does not mention the silver percentage, the alloy is most likely coin silver and not sterling silver.

3. Consult an Expert: Sometimes the thorough cleaning and inspection using a magnifying glass may not satisfy a skeptical sterling silver jewelry buyer. So these people prefer to avail the professional assistance of an expert. You can contact a person having experience and expertise in identifying and pricing silver jewelry to ensure that you are getting the best and authentic sterling silver jewelry. You can even refer to some on-line material to determine the true price of these jewelries based on specific criterion.

4. Ask Permission of the Seller to Appraise the Jewelry: As the customers frequently request to appraise the sterling silver jewelry before buying the piece, many jewelry store owners retain the services of professional silver appraisers. As you may not be able to fix an appointment with the appraiser, you can always ask the seller to get the jewelry piece identified and appraised. However, it is very much important for a buyer to ensure that the silver appraiser is experienced and reliable.
The method and technique of appraising the sterling silver jewelry will differ based on the convenience of the buyer. You can spend some time in evaluating the piece on your own, or save time by availing the assistance of a professional silver appraiser.

Start Collecting Vintage Weiss Costume Jewelry

Less well known than the more available Coro or Trifari, Weiss costume jewelry is a good choice for the beginning collector.

Spanning a large range of designs and materials, from rhinestones to enamel to plastic, Weiss was in operation from 1942 to 1971, making them truly vintage pieces. Albert Weiss contracted with designers and manufacturers to produce designs with the Weiss name.

Be aware, however, that some new Weiss jewelry copies can be found. Typically the newer pieces will have pasted in rather than prong-set rhinestones, the rhinestones are small and new-looking, and the plating on smooth-backed pieces is of poor quality. If youre interested in Weiss jewelry being sold on line, be sure to ask the seller whether the piece is vintage or a reproduction. Do a search to look at both vintage and reproduction Weiss pieces, and become educated about the differences.

Weiss was known for floral, fruit and figural designs, and also geometric, Art Deco necklaces, bracelets, pins and earrings. The workmanship and quality are uniformly very high. In the mid 1950s Weiss made creative use of Swarovski aurora borealis rhinestones.

A classic Weiss design features smoky quartz rhinestones with pave loops or icing. Smoky quartz was also referred to as the Black Diamond Look, and was created to imitate German smoky quartz stones.

Weiss butterfly pins are especially collectible, and some have wings mounted on tiny springs that make them flutter. Another popular Weiss collectible is Christmas tree pins, and can be a great investment for the beginning collector. Christmas ornament pins currently sell for much less than the tree pins.

Weiss jewelry used high quality Austrian rhinestones and were made in classic, timeless designs, made to fit with a modern wardrobe as well as the fashions of years gone by.

Several marks, or signatures were used on Weiss jewelry. WEISS, printed in caps, dates from 1942. Other marks from the 1940s and 1950s include Albert Weiss in script, WEISS in script, Weissco and Weiss in caps with the copyright symbol , denoting pieces made after 1955.

Some Weiss pieces may be unmarked, which would reduce the value. Some were sold to department stores, which marketed them in boxes with the store name.

Weiss produced many types of sets of jewelry. Pin and earring sets, necklace and bracelet sets, three-piece sets of pin, earrings and bracelet, matching necklace and earrings, any sets, if complete, increase the value beyond that of the individual pieces. If youre lucky enough to find the original box, the youve got a real treasure.

Some vintage Weiss brooches had smooth reflective metal backs. They should be totally smooth. Reproduction pieces may have smooth backs, but the quality will not be as good as on the vintage pieces.

As always, when considering the purchase of vintage jewelry, you should be sure that the piece is in good condition. If you are buying for yourself, and not for investment, you can be more flexible with condition, but the better the condition, of course the higher the value. Is the piece is signed? Is it well designed? And, do you like it? If youre buying for investment purposes, your personal taste isnt as important, but if youre buying for yourself, buy what you like so youll be encouraged to wear it often.

Weiss costume jewelry has been undervalued by collectors, but that seems to be changing as prices have been going up. If youre lucky enough to find a piece of vintage Weiss jewelry, and its in good condition, youll have a high quality collectible.

Jewelry Making Tools For Exquisite Jewelry – Copy

Having just the jewelry making tool can always set things straight for you. Here is some of the nitty-gritty about the jewelry making tools which could be used:

Round nose pliers- Round-nosed pliers are probably one of the most important tools for wire and metal workers. Learn what to look for when purchasing round-nosed pliers and what they are best used for when making jewelry.

Wire cutters- If you plan to use a wire, then wire cutters are going to be one of your most important tools. Find out what you need to know about selecting the best wire cutter for your needs.

Bend nosed pliers- Bend-Nosed Pliers have a lot in common with chain-nosed pliers. They are versatile and used for all kinds of jewelry making techniques. Work in smaller areas or hard-to-reach places with bent-nose pliers. Choose a pair with a smooth finish on the inside where you will place the wire.

Chain nosed pliers- Chain-nosed pliers are a useful hand-tool used for a variety of jewelry techniques, from wire work to beading. Grip wire or pry jump rings apart with chain-nose pliers. These pliers are rounded on the outside with a flat surface on the inside.

Diagonal cutting pliers- Cut your wire with diagonal-cutting pliers. These pliers allow you to cut your wire flush just work wonders.

Measuring tape- Use a seamstress measuring tape to measure the length of wire or chain for jewelry.

Do some initial research sit a large crafts supplies site to get a fair knowledge or patterns for your jewelry projects like a necklace making project, a beaded earring making project so that you can clearly follow the use of tools needed for it.

You may also want to invest in a book with information on a particular type of jewelry making and find books on making jewelry at crafts supplies sites.

Make a list of the basic jewelry making tools you will need based on the design or pattern you have selected. This list should include tools, such as pliers and glue, as well as supplies, like beads or clasps, and miscellaneous items, like containers for supplies or bead boards.

Visit several local or online crafts stores so that you can browse and compare prices of tools. Using your supplies list, do price comparisons on basic tools. For decorative items, such as beads, visit a number of stores if possible, so that you can browse a wide selection. Consider purchasing a jewelry making tools kit. Aside from relieving you of the worry that you may have forgotten some supplies, these kits come in a wide price range, cover many types of popular jewelry making tools and usually come with a booklet and patterns to try.

Select and purchase your supplies based on price, attractiveness and suitability for your project. Remember to factor in the cost of shipping when you purchase online.

Make a loop by placing wire in the tool’s jaws and twisting your wrist and the pliers to wrap the wire around the jaws and form the loop. Vary the size of the loop by using the smaller tips of the pliers for a small loop and the larger area toward the base of the pliers for a larger loop.

Create Handmade Jewelry With Rhinestone Findings

As a vitally important part in peoples daily lives, all women love jewelry. One of the most prized possessions of many women is their rhinestone jewelry, which are artificial clear or colored stones made of high luster glass, paste or gem quartz, backed by foil that is intended to simulate diamonds.

However, most types of rhinestone jewelry are expensive and hard too choose from due to their higher price and limited choices, thus, create ones own rhinestone jewelry turns out to be a great way to save some money while get preferable jewelry accessory as well.

Creating rhinestone jewelry is a very fun and rewarding process which allows you designing new and unique jewelry pieces at an affordable price, well, when you make rhinestone jewelry, you need the parts and pieces used to connect all those components together, namely, the rhinestone findings.

From rhinestone spacer findings, rhinestone balls, rhinestone connectors cap, multi-stone links to single-stone links and other rhinestone components, rhinestone findings comes in every shape and size and can be used for practically any jewelry-making project. They are highly popularity among the people who do not wish to pay too much money on jewelry pursuing.

Most, who design their own jewelry, are compelled to have their own collection of various rhinestone findings so that they can put them together whenever it is needed. This way, they needn’t go necklace shopping the morning of a party in the risk of spending much on the not that perfect piece.

As rhinestone findings are an essential part in jewelry making, while pursuing buy as high quality rhinestone findings as you can afford, for poor quality or inferior ones would ruin your craftwork into none at once. Only the right findings bring beauty and longevity to your project; while at the same time add your personal designer touch into it.

As mentioned before, many jewelry designers love using rhinestone findings to create unique, handcrafted rhinestone jewelry, whats more, some of them even prefer to design and manufacture their own findings because there is nothing superbly completed with their design, and also gives their jewelry a unique signature look.

Well, everyone dreamed to have jewelry which makes them looks outstanding, and perhaps now its time for you to beautify yourself with some sparkling rhinestone jewelry. If you enjoy creating your own jewelry, no matter what rhinestone findings you are looking for, try online shopping for those findings at PandaHall which will bring you an unbelievable range of choice.

Pilgrim Jewellery – Materials Used In The Designer Pilgrim Jewellery

The designer Pilgrim Jewellery is gaining widespread popularity because of its unique and lovely designs. An entire collection of stunning necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings is available out there at totally reasonable prices. The company is based in Denmark and offers seasonal jewellery to their customers in a range of charming designs and patterns. The materials used are non-allergic and high quality. One such bracelet is the Gold/Brown bracelet which is available for $37 and is composed of gold beads and Swarovski crystals. Since it is made of a knotted cotton cord it does not cause any allergic reactions. The bracelet is perfect for young girls.

The materials most commonly seen in this type of jewellery are Austrian Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and acrylic stones. Crystal glass beads from Austria are the finest quality beads one can find out there. You will also find lovely rhinestones in this category which are matchless and extremely beautiful. The beads come in a range of thrilling and invigorating colors like purple, light blue, crystal white, black, brown, pink, maroon and yellow. Beads that show different hues of color in different lights are also available. Jewellery made of these wonderful beads and crystals is unique and alluring.

Freshwater pearls used in the Pilgrim Jewellery are simply gorgeous. These pearls come in a variety of shapes and are used as they are naturally. This increases the appeal of jewellery and makes it totally chic and stylish. The good thing about these pearls is that they are not very expensive which makes them an excellent choice for contemporary fashion and costume jewellery. You can find freshwater pearls in colors like champagne, mauve, white, black and pink. They are available in shapes ranging from round to cornflake and button. Low grade as well as high grade pearls can be found in this category to make attractive and one-of-a-kind jewellery articles.

The third category of materials used in the designer Pilgrim Jewellery is the acrylic stones category. Acrylic opaque stones as well as rhinestones are easily available out there. You can find these stones in a number of shapes and cuts including heart shaped gems and oval cabochons. Again this is an inexpensive class of non-precious gemstones which can be used for making affordable yet beautiful and high class jewellery. Acrylic stones are available in a range of faceted shapes like octagon, triangle, star, heart, diamond, and baguette.

Most of the materials used in Pilgrim Jewellery are inexpensive but they are of the finest quality possible. That is why this type of fashion jewellery is available at very reasonable prices and is affordable for people from all walks of life. The unique necklaces and stunning bracelets offered by Pilgrim are loved by thousands of people across the globe. The jewellery is made by using silver and gold plates instead of solid gold and silver. This makes it less costly than other types of designer jewellery available on the market. If you are looking for exceptional necklaces and earrings to give away as gifts, do check out this amazing collection.