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Why Have A Home Jewelry Party – Copy

The true value of gold is probably one of today’s best-kept secrets. Currently, gold is valued at over $1600 per ounce, as compared to $500 per ounce in the early years of the twenty-first century. This clearly indicates an astonishing 300% increase within several years. Traders with the foresight to purchase this commodity have continued to make the best profits, better than most other available investments. In the real world, everybody else is looking at what gold jewelry they may be able to sell while the prices are still high. Instead of risky options such as a retailer or pawn shops, many people are now considering gold or home jewelry parties, which have recently been on the rise.

Selling gold jewelry at a home party will reduce the likelihood of receiving anything less than full value for your earrings, bracelets, rings, gold watches, and much more. In pawn shops, there is usually only one person available to make an exchange. In a jewelry house party, it’s not only possible to mingle with the buyer, but there are also many other sellers present. This will enable you to see what your peers are earning for their gold items.

There are a few things you need to know before attending any type of home jewelry party: the daily price of gold, the weight and karats of your gold items for sale, and a major motivation to make money. During the prime of the online eBay business, many people were ecstatic about finding a legitimate avenue for selling gold and other jewelry items at full market value. However, in most cases, non-stylish or antiquated items would be sold for well under the fair price. This was the case for the majority of sales because most buyers intended to use their purchases as scrap for raw value.

Those who were serious about selling gold jewelry soon realized the numerous advantages to scrapping. For one thing, this metal will never become outdated, as opposed to stylish trends that always come and go. Furthermore, as far as commodities are concerned, gold is traded at a single, basic value. When bringing your jewelry to a party, it’s your right to sell to any buyer for the greatest possible return. Just be sure that the buyer will agree to the stipulated price. The only calculated costs of sale are service fees and commissions, which tend to be very small trade-offs when considering the total value in the long run.

If you know people that want to sell gold or have their own jewelry items for sale, then hosting a jewelry house party could be an extremely lucrative option. In this instance, a representative comes to buy the gold items that you and/or your friends have to offer. Next, if you agree to host the party, you are entitled to a 10% commission on all sales. A discount is also usually offered if you decide to purchase the jewelry from the party yourself. There are plenty of prospective sellers with jewelry at home gathering dust in their drawers. Instead of just letting it sit there, you can offer to sell it for a quick source of extra cash all the while enjoying the benefits of a fabulous party with your friends. If you think about it, there aren’t too many other successful ways to enjoy the company of friends while earning money.

An Explanation Of How Micro Pave Jewelry Is Created

The pave setting in the jewelry world refers to the type of setting which resembles a exquisitely crafted cobble walkway. A series of gems are set very closely together, usually in a white metal, which gives a very sheeny and eye capturing effect to the jewelry. Micro pave jewelry is essentially the same idea only taken to an extreme level . Rather than a series of larger sized stones in a single setting, the micro pave technique uses a large amount of very small stones and puts them in a setting in which they are very close together.

This type of jewelry has become more and more popular recently because of its almost unbelievable ability to catch the light and reflected it in a dazzling and effervescent way. It takes a very highly skilled and talented crafter to produce this type of jewelry. Creating these types of pieces is very difficult due in large part to the sheer number of stones which are used. Once you see a piece of finally made micro pave jewelry, it is hard to imagine anything else as beautiful. Jewelry of this type has become increasingly popular with the hip hop community.

The fact that micro pave is so very labor intensive usually means that only the finest stones are used in the piece. Cubic zirconium is a perfect stone to use in this type of jewelry because by using hundreds of tiny stones it is virtually impossible for the naked eye to tell the difference between these artificial stones and their much more valuable counterparts. This type of jewelry is so glamorous and beautiful that it can be worn with just about any outfit on any occasion. Since only the most talented of jewelry makers can produce a quality piece of micro pave jewelry, you can rest assured that yours will last a lifetime.

It takes a lot of time to create this type of jewelry setting. While the pave setting has become fairly common, the micro pave version is still not quite main stream enough to be seen regularly. The amount of time it takes to create one of these means that there is still a fairly high level of exclusivity associated with them. Some jewelers will make custom creations although the cost can be substantially more than for an off the shelf piece. This type of jewelry is perfect for someone who wants to get noticed and is interested in making a bold statement.

Tips for you to get the Fashion Jewelry you need at a wholesale price

People who are looking for costume jewelry, wholesale are the best option. Wholesale always offers products at a very reasonable price, rather than the retail shops. The costume jewelry is artificial jewelry made of artificial gold, diamond and artificial gems, to make it suitable to where at different occasions. As a fact, many women choose to wear specific real jewelry at specific occasion; the advantage of wholesale fashion jewelry is that it can be worn on every occasion with all types of dresses, which can be bought at an inexpensive price. Our company offers all types of fashionable jewelry, bags and even scarf that match and can be worn any time. Wholesale Costume Jewelry,
Wholesale Fashion Jewelry looks exactly like real jewelry but he extra touch given to it, adds the beauty. Costume jewelry, wholesale of our company includes necklace, ear rings, rings, bracelets, complete set and much more. Our company makes sure to make different designs for every jewelry and don’t repeat the designs or patterns. We always launch some new products every month which includes all types of items our company deals in. For current month, we have some sets, pearl necklaces, hook ear rings, elastic bracelets, etc. Wholesale fashion jewelry
A great deal of time and thought go into every one of our natural brass designs, giving our customers the feeling of having an exclusive piece of fashion jewelry designed just for them. Our antique reproduction fashion jewelry has the look and appeal of valuable vintage jewelry that is passed down from generation to generation making Jewelrymine a must have for period reeinactors nationwide. Through our own unique formula, the brass is oxidized, relieved and lacquered to seal in the natural beauty of our finish. Our designs are all hand soldered or epoxied where applicable. We use only genuine Swarovski Austrian crystals in all of our jewelry designs. Many of our larger stones are handset and pronged in place. The earring posts in our natural brass collection are made from surgical steel and are hypoallergenic. Some of our jewelry designs are hand painted with our exclusive color palette of pearlized paints. We custom blend our own colors to enhance the beauty and detail of the brass.
Among all the things the shopping of jewelry is one thing that ahs experienced lesser amount of change. People still prefer to go the traditional way in this regard. But, things are changing now. More and more people are realizing the benefits of buying jewelry wholesale. In particular, purchasing wholesale costume jewelry is smart in more ways than one. The first of these ways is incredibly obvious. Buying this way is much cheaper than buying in a store.

Kranichs Simon G Jewelry Collection When Jewelry is Art

If Jewelry designing is considered an art, Simon G will surely be its Michelangelo. The works of Simon Ghanimian is a perfect mixture of age old beauty and elegance. It brings to the customer an exquisite blend of sleek smooth modern designs along with the gorgeousness of old designs with gem stones and rose gold finishes. The personal attention and creativity that is put into the Simon G Jewelry is reflected by the powerful pieces of Jewelry that his creations are. His artistry is unique and breath-taking and results in the elegant but powerful jewelleries that he creates.

His collection of beautiful Jewelry designs cater to male and female Jewelry enthusiasts equally. His collection for men includes bold and powerful designs with occasional touches of diamond and superior gold finishing. His creations are a testament of power and authority, the same as any man. In case you are choosing something as a gift for the fairer sex or an engagement ring for the bride to be look no beyond his Malibu Collection and Vanity Fair Collections. Kranichs Simon G Jewelry offers exquisite and enthralling designs for various ornaments for women. Starting from dazzling bracelets, to special diamond engagement rings and stretching till elegant, gorgeous necklaces and pair of earrings are on offer for women. Simon G is famous for his bold experiments with colours and vibrant shades that justify the sumptuous usage of gemstones in his Jewelry. The Kranichs Simon G collection assures you that you will be receiving a piece of art in the form of Simon G Jewelry irrespective of the design and the piece that you choose.

Simon G Jewelry is famous for its whimsical but organized designs and usage of diamonds and gemstones. This characteristic makes it a perfect gift for your loved ones on the special day of wedding or engagement. The pieces are a perfect blend of gorgeous elegance and modern simplicity which will surely win her heart for you. Are you interested in making her ears dazzle with beauty and elegance? Then a pair of earrings is your choice of gift. In case you want a bracelet with a strong fashion statement for your loved ones, look no beyond than the Kranichs Simon G Jewelry collection of dazzling and gorgeous bracelets that makes her fiercely beautiful and elegant. Otherwise you can also look at gifting a stunning piece of Simon G necklace to your loved one and watch how she seeps beauty and elegance. Also available are elegant and gorgeous diamond engagement rings for glorifying the special day of union.

Each and every piece of Jewelry creation by Simon G is an inspired piece of artwork. They are perfect for enhancing the speciality quotient of the bride to bes wedding day. The huge collection of Kranichs Simon G will ensure that you are spoilt for choice and enable you to find that desired piece of Jewelry for making the gift exquisitely special.

Jewelry Industry Embargo On Zimbabwe’s Conflict Diamonds

Apparently Zimbabwe’s plan to sell off the conflict diamonds from their Marange diamond fields is simply not going to come through as long as the HRW (Human Rights Watch) has any say in the matter. The HRW specifically instructed the leading diamond jewelry providers in the world to keep their distance from any diamonds from Zimbabwe. Specifically, Arvind Ganesan, Director of the Business & Human Rights Division at HRW, released an official warning regarding a full on embargo of Zimbabwe diamonds due to their many violations of serious human rights conditions. According to Arvind Ganesan, Zimbabwean diamonds are conflict diamonds in every sense of the term, and as such the HRW is requesting that jewelry retailers and jewelry consumers boycott these diamonds until the human rights infringements reach their end. In fact, Arvind Ganesan wrote a letter asking as much from leaders in the diamond jewelry industry, such as Cartier, Tiffany’s, and Zale.

Arvind Ganesan has turned to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme as well as the World Diamond Council in an attempt to expand the current definition of blood diamonds to contain diamonds acquired by governments in conflict and not only diamonds by rebel groups. In his letter, the Director of the Human Rights Watch requested that major diamond jewelry retailers issue public statements regarding refusal to purchase Zimbabwean diamonds. Such acts on the parts of the major players in the diamond retail community will surely have some significant long-term effects on diamond production from the Murowa diamond mine, as well as the River Ranch diamond mine, which are thought to be channels for the sale of diamonds from the Marange fields in Zimbabwe.

In the letter, Arvind Ganesan also appeals to the powerful members of the diamond industry to use their influence on the Kimberley Process to ensure that Zimbabwe is fully suspended from the group up to the point when they actually meet basic human rights standards. As per reports from HRW, such human rights infringements as killing, smuggling, and child labor have been going on until just this October and there are no signs of any considerable changes since then. These diamonds have been smuggled to neighboring countries mixing with diamonds from other nations and basically causing a situation where conflict diamonds are traded worldwide.

Hence, it is up to the jewelry retailers to be responsible enough to make sure that they do not vend such conflict diamonds to their jewelry consumers. As diamond consumers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about conflict diamonds and requesting certifications as to the origin of their diamonds, it was only a matter of time before Zimbabwean diamonds became too risky to be associated with.

The problem is that generally speaking, jewelry providers can’t just boycott their diamond jewelry items, but then again, nobody wants to be linked to conflict diamonds either. It looks like we’ll just have to wait and see how the major members of the diamond jewelry community intend to comply with the demands of the Human Rights Watch.